Custom Classic Springer Forks 

*One of the benefits of our front ends is that they are made to order to suit your bike. Also the weight of your bike is considered to expose the resistance and stretch of springs. 
*To give a vintage look to the bike we were trying to keep the classic look of the front end. 
* The wheel axle is made of engineering steel  
*Cast steel legs give the forks extra strength 
*All the main forks parts are made of steel grade Fe45 
*Upper and lower springer trees cast steel and cnc tooled 
*Tig welding used to create clean welds for the best appearance 
*Special attention was paid to design of the rockers; each rocker has 5 bronze oilite bearing bushes that have a good balance between strength, wear resistance, conformability and durability and 5 intermediate bronze washers pressed into engineering plastic Nylon 66 Rod that gives extra dust protection and increase rockers life span; each bolt also made of highstrength steel and fixed with castle nut giving stable nut position 
*special made assembling jig allows to achieve maximum accuracy in the assembly and to adjust the leg sizes as required 

Available in stock (23") and -2 (21") length, but ask for other sizes. Please see the drawing to check the measurements and let us know if there are any changes need to be done.

Made to order, please confirm the lead time as it may vary depending on the workload.

Made in The UK

Custom Classic Front End in Gloss Black